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St Cuthbert’s Marley Hill NE16 5EB


News From Hillside,March 2016

At the end of January we said goodbye to Bob and Val Hopper. Bob has been our vicar for 33 years and his final weekend with us was one of very mixed emotions because,for many of us,Bob was not just our vicar but a longstanding friend. Bob and Val now begin a period of well earned but extremely busy retirement with a variety of new projects in sight as well as the joy of spending more time with their grandchildren.

Hillside has now entered a period of vacancy as we work towards the appointment of a new vicar,but during this time we will not be standing still. We see this time of change as an opportunity to introduce new activities as well as developing some familiar ones.

Among other things we will be considering over the next few months is a fresh start for our monthly Cafe Church at St Cuthbert’s,the exact format is yet to be decided. This will complement the monthly Sunday afternoon Messy Church that has been running since January and is already popular with local families.

At All Saints we will be running a ‘Christianity Explored’ course. This is based on a series of videos and it aims to answer some tough questions about the Christian Faith. More details can be found here:http://www.christianityexplored.org/course

We are also planning a ‘Walk Through The Old Testament’ event. This is a fun day designed for the whole family. It will give you an overview of the Old Testament,help you to see how the Bible fits together,make it memorable,and inspire you to read it. Further details will follow but in the meantime you can read about it at http://www.bible.org.uk/index.php

In addition,the new-look Hillside website will be launched this Spring to keep you informed of events and developments in the life of our church.

Finally,please continue to pray about every aspect of the appointment of a new vicar and for the smooth running of Hillside while the vacancy continues.

Every blessing


Lina,Suzi,Colin,Dave,Diane and Dorothy
Shared Ministry Development Team