St Cuthbert’s, Marley Hill & All Saints, Lobley Hill

Lent Talks – with Bishop Mark


‘There is a lot going on in many of our churches at present. There is
thinking about mission and ministry and thinking about the future.
Much of that is very good indeed, but my growing sense is that if our
churches are really going to change and be renewed that will come
first from a renewal of our own discipleship and a renewal of our own
friendship with Jesus. I hope that this Lent series will give us all an
an opportunity to think together about just that; our friendship with
Jesus. Perhaps it will even give us an opportunity to fall in love with
Him all over again!

Each session will stand on its own, so it is not necessary to come to
each one. However they will probably make more sense if you are
able to come to as many as possible.’

12th March – God is with us
19th March – God is with us in the Bible
26th March – God is with us in the Holy Communion
2nd April – God is with us in so many unexpected ways
9th April – God is with us day by day

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