St Cuthbert’s, Marley Hill & All Saints, Lobley Hill

I want to help but How?

One of the character traits of Hillside Church is its welcome and hospitality to everyone who comes to us each and every Sunday morning. We all play our part from the moment a person steps through the door, welcoming them, showing them to a seat and encouraging them to stay for tea and chat afterwards.

This is part of Hillside’s DNA but other areas of our life together need a little more work.

Many of us have heard the message that there is an open space for the expression and offering of gifts and talents. We have a rich history of volunteering in a spirit of seeking to promote the work of God in the life of Hillside and further afield.

If you wondering how you might be able to contribute and use what God has given you then please take a look at the following opportunities and ideas.

If you think of something else – just let us know, as we seek to be the best we can be in giving glory to God and enjoying our time with one another.

Some of the areas of involvement are ‘broad brush strokes’ – speak with Glen for more detail or send him an email

  • Church Wardens
  • Communications (social media and beyond!)
  • Welcome Team & information giving
  • Cafe Church (cooking/serving/clearing
  • Events (room set-up/take down
  • Musician/singer
  • Graphic/Creative Design (reflect church seasons and other ideas)
  • Production (Sound, Vision & Lighting)
  • Photography
  • Drama (On Sundays or Open The Book)
  • Puppets (let your imagination go)
  • Dance (Special events?/A certain song?
  • Hillside Choir
  • Pastoral (helping us to be better)
  • Life Group Leader (General or through a specific activity)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Environmental Maintenance (landscape)
  • Pastoral Care/Help
  • Life Group Leader
  • Giving Point (contactless payment supervisor)

Hillside Kids/Youth

  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Hillside Youth Volunteers Sunday
  • Hillside Youth Volunteers Friday