Ready to serve but not sure where

We want to serve our area and God’s kingdom with generosity and compassion. We want to be the kind of people who generously give our time, gifts, energy and resources. Church is never meant to be about a few people doing all the work and everyone else watching. This why Hillside Church is such a great place as so many people are involved with a desire to see the Glory of God and the Extension of his Kingdom. It works best when we all take ownership.

There are many ways to serve at Hillside

Here are three ways.

Be on a team – we have so many ways where you can use your gifts at Hillside. You will be helping others and making the place work well so that we can help people follow the way of Jesus.

Giving financially to Hillside Church – the work at Hillside is only possible because of your generosity.

Volunteer in the wider community – there are loads of great things that you can help with across Gateshead such as the Food Bank or the Joshua Tree cafe. Pick-up litter and make your street the best place to live – and pray that as you walk you bring the kingdom a little closer.

Tell us something that you can do that we don’t know about.


Welcome is part of Hillside’s DNA but other areas of our life together need a little more work.

If you wondering how you might be able to contribute please take a look at the following opportunities and ideas.

  • Church Wardens
  • Welcome Team & information giving
  • Communications (social media and beyond!)
  • Refreshments
  • Musician/singer
  • Graphic/Creative Design
  • Production (Sound, Vision & Lighting)
  • Photography
  • Drama
  • Puppets
  • Dance
  • Pastoral (helping us to be better)
  • Small Group host
  • Site Maintenance
  • Environmental Maintenance (landscape)

Hillside Kids/Youth

  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Hillside Youth Volunteers

Want to talk further – Have a chat with Glen