Warm Spaces

‘There is a cost-of-living crisis in the UK resulting in unprecedented pressures on people already in poverty, and this winter despite the support given by Government, thousands of people in Gateshead will be forced to make tough decisions about when and what they eat, what they can do in life, and when they can afford to heat their home.’ https://www.gateshead.gov.uk/article/21164/Warm-Spaces

Hillside Church Community Hub is pleased to take part in this scheme through Gateshead Local Authority.

We are open on a Friday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm as part of our Joshua Tree Cafe. You’ll receive a warm welcome. The Cafe is pay as you feel. The Hillside Toddler groups meets at the same time creating a lively buzz. Newspapers are on hand as well magazines, some table top activities and a tablet on request.

A Bereavement drop-in group meets as well, which you may want to explore further. https://www.hillsidechurch.co.uk/funerals/bereavement-care/

Hillside Church and Community Hub volunteers are Safeguarding trained and have complied with our Safer Recruitment requirements.

Warm Spaces Gateshead Charter

You’ll get a warm welcome as well as Warm Space

Every time you come to a Warm Space you’ll be given a warm welcome from the staff and volunteers there.

Everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect

Everyone has a right to be warm, so everyone in a Warm Space treats people, and is treated by people, with dignity and respect.

Your Warm Space will be a safe space

Your Warm Space will stick to the safeguarding policies that it always uses, and it will stick to food hygiene rules too!

We’ll not tell anyone about you needing a Warm Space

If you want to share the reasons you need a Warm Space, someone will listen, but they won’t tell anyone else unless you give them permission, or they must because of their safeguarding policies.

It doesn’t matter why you need a Warm Space

Every Warm Space is a non-judgemental space; whatever the reason you have for needing to come in, you’ll be treated the same and never judged.