St Cuthbert’s, Marley Hill & All Saints, Lobley Hill

Partnership for Missional Church (PMC)

Hillside Church wants to do things better – all the time – not just for a season. We want to listen better, to what God is saying to us. We want to hear better what the community is saying. We want to form better relationships and be a people known for welcome and hospitality. In fact we want to be better than better. We want to be the best we can be under God.
PMC is not a quick boat trip around the lake it’s more like a long voyage of discovery, always watching the horizon as God’s new day unfolds.

You can learn more about PMC by clicking the link – or read on.

A Bit Deeper 

“PMC is best understood as a deep change process that is as much cultural as theological. It contributes to a broadening and deepening of relationships within churches and communities and brings faith into the public sphere in ways that churches would otherwise have struggled to achieve. There is welcome evidence that local church, rather than being a subset for a thin slice of the community, is becoming integral in holding bonds across boundaries.” (PMC Evaluation Report. A copy available here)